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Distributor Point

1 237 013 044

Distributor Point w/Grease

01 011
Contains small amount of cam grease included by Bosch.

Distributor Rotor

043 905 225

Distributor Rotor

04 110

Distributor Spring Set (AJ, AN, AL, etc)

VWNOS 1025
See fitment section.

Dust Cover

111 905 241 F

Felt Top Shaft - Large

VWNOS 1009
These are the larger diameter felt for the top of the distributor. Typically are used in the aluminum distributors. OEM quality felt. Made to exact specifications by an American company who has been making felt and only felt for generations. Made in the U.S.A.


311 998 063


311 998 063
1 237 013 044/51

Restored Distributor

113 905 205 AN
Distributor comes complete and is ready to be bolted onto your engine. Included with it is all new distributor cap, condenser, rotor, dust cap, and o-ring. Fully disassembled and cleaned down to the tiniest part using an ultrasonic cleanser with corrosion inhibiting agents. Checked to be in spec with a recently restored and calibrated Sun distributor testing machine. Bosch fiber washers, extra wide shims, lubricating wick and felt, and new plastic parts for the shaft washer as well as the advance weight washers have been used for rebuild. All metal screw and clips have been zinc coated. Includes used and tested vacuum canister.