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Master Cylinder Repair Kit

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Heater Cable Clamp Kit

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Clutch Servo Autostick

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211 857 514 H
These may be rebuilt units. They have the VW and Audi logo on them.

King Pin Set

111 498 021

Wheel Seal

251 407 641 A
DPH Germany

Rear Window Glass

111 845 501 E
Shipping is flat rate and guaranteed not to be broken upon arrival.

Distributor Rotor

04 017

Restored German Bosch Distributor Cast Iron

0 231 153 009
Cast Iron Bodied Distributors restored to factory finish. I start by fully cleaning the distributors using a protective and corrosion inhibiting cleaner. I buy these specialty cleaners from a company my family has had a relationship with for over 30 years. They know their business. I leverage their knowledge in cleaners. Every part of the cleaned distributor is checked for wear and tear. Worn parts are replaced with new or spec used Bosch parts. I also have many NOS Bosch parts including shafts, cam lobes, base plates, etc. I use new Bosch parts such as fiber washers, o-ring. Cast iron units are fully disassembled and cleaned down to the tiniest crevice using an ultrasonic cleanser with corrosion inhibiting agents. The existing paint is chemically removed without damaging the underlying cast iron metal. A new base coat of paint is applied and tested for proper adhesion where after multiple coats of paint are applied. The whole unit is then baked in a furnace to chemically adhere the paint to the cast iron for the best protection. This prevents chipping and scratching. Bushings are checked to be in spec and are either replaced or unit is sleeved for new bushings. New replacement parts include new Bosch shims, washers, clips, o-ring, etc. Checked to be in spec with a multiple recently restored and calibrated Sun distributor testing machine. Bosch dust cap only comes with product when you select Bosch cap and rotor.

Turn Signal - Euro

Price is per light. Shown is a light with metal housing. Gasket is not included.

Vacuum Advance Canister

1 237 121 277

Ignition Lock

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