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Brake Regulator Proportioning

357 612 151

Repair Kit

3.0370-0417.2 389 G

Rod Bearing

021 105 719
BB 221 J .75MM

Lloyd Snap-A-Mat

Van Pass GL (Grey)
See Picture for Color of item. From top to bottom there is Beige, Grey, and Black. This item for sale is Grey. Picture of item is for reference purpose.

Blue Coil 12V


Speedometer Cable

191 957 803 A

Brake Rotor

Audi 80 80 GT 80 Diesel Audi Fox USA VW Golf Scirocco Passat Jetta Rabbit USA Golf D

Restored Distributor

113 905 205 AJ
Distributor comes complete and is ready to be bolted onto your engine. Included with it is all new Bosch distributor cap, condenser, rotor, dust cap, and o-ring. Fully disassembled and cleaned down to the tiniest part using an ultrasonic cleanser with corrosion inhibiting agents. Checked to be in spec with a recently restored and calibrated Sun distributor testing machine. Bosch fiber washers, extra wide shims, lubricating wick and felt, and new plastic parts for the shaft washer as well as the advance weight washers have been used for rebuild. All metal screw and clips have been zinc coated. Includes used and tested vacuum canister. If you would like a new vacuum canister please see related products at the bottom of the screen.

Muffler Install Kit

311 298 055 A

Brake Pedal Return Spring

131 721 163
Price is per.

Heater Cable

211 711 629 N